Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Weekend~ Saturday the 4th

The 4th was a BLAST!!! We went early in the morning to the Parade with Jasons Mom, Aunt Denise, and Cousin Kendra. Braelyn stayed awake for most of it! After we had to go back home to get my sister Abby, so Jasons mom offered to take Braelyn for a bit. We stayed there till about 3 then went to Jasons parents for a BBQ,(thats where Jason and Denise started drinking) where Grandma & Grandpa Martinez, Denise, Kendra, Cody and Weston were all hanging out!.
Jason dad brought the new little puppies that their Shitzu had and Braelyn loved them!!! After the BBQ we all hungout, until the fireworks,and Densie and Jason kept drinking.
On our way to the fireworks Jason and Denise were yelling at people on the street! It was hilarious.
Around 10:15 pm the fireworks finally started. We were watching the stadium of fire ones. I dont think that they were very good this year. =(
On our way back to drop Denise and Kendra off Jason started throwing pop-its as we drove by people, and Denise was yelling at people. LOL We were almost home and Denis thought it would be funny to yell at a bunch of BIG guys that were hanging out outside! HA HA Jason was by the passenger window and they all looked like they wanted to come beat him up. The look on his face was classic! He played it off like he wasnt scared, but there was too many for him not to be. It was funny though!

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