Friday, May 14, 2010

Catchin' Up with Old Friends

So we did a girls night at the Tavernacle.
It was great to catch up with old friends!

Brae is 6 Months!

My little Monkey is 6 Months old!
 She can sit up, rollover and she smiles all the time! I love it!
She loves her Cookies!
Her and Daddy take naps together all the time!
She loves her Tinker Bell doll! We got it for her in Disneyland! She got so excited when she saw it!


We went to Disneyland in Sept 2009. We had a blast! Braelyn was super good too! I thought for sure I was going to need a vacation after this one!
Playing Dance- Dance Revolution!This is my favorite picture of Jason and Braelyn!
She loves Daddy!Braelyn got this hat with her kids menu. (not that she could eat off it yet! ha)  The boysJason rolled his ankle so we rented him a wheelchair so he could walk easier.Brae loves Dad!Jason was hilarious in this chair! He would run into things and speed through people! We all got a kick out of watching him!

Jason and I first trip to Wendover!

So Jason never takes pictures! I was lucky to get these out of him! These were pictures from our first trip together to Wendover (my first trip at all)

Updated Pictures from 5 Months

Here are some pictures of Brae at 5 Months