Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great NEWS!

In July of 2008 we found out that we were expecting again. We prayed that this time everything would be ok. And for the most part it was.

At our 18 week visit we found out that we were having a little GIRL! I cried, and Jason was in shock! The look on his face when he found out was priceless!

After that ultrasound my doctor called me and said they had noticed an abnormality in her brain. They thought it could be bleeding. When she told me I was histerical! Jason was hunting at the time. I called him and told him what the doctor had said and how they wanted me to go to talk the this specialist Dr. Silver. I really didnt want to go alone and my dad and step-mom were out of town and my mom was working, so I ask my step-dad to go with me since he just worked down the street from me. He met me and the hospital and was with me when the doctor explained that he wasnt sure if it was bleeding yet.

I went back in 2 months later and they said that the spot they think is blood hadnt changed, (which was a good sign) and that it could just be a larger nerve in her brain. I went back about 3 months later for our final look at her to make sure everything was ok and it was!! There was no bleeding!

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